Yemen Economy

Yemen Agriculture

Terace cultivation:

Agriculture in the Yemen Mountains is based on terrace cultivation which lends the whole region its characteristic appearance. The terracing of the Harazz mountains goes back  several hundred years and their preservation requires constant attention as, without maintenance they soon fall into disreparir. Oce a terrace falls into ruin it takes 20-30 years to rebuild. Terrace cultivation implies not only the actual construction of dry stone walls, it also involves the gradual collection and distribution of topsoil on the terrace. Most famous crops are Almonds, Coffee, Grapes, corn  strawberry and Qaat.


YEMEN COFFEE OR Yemeni Coffee is among the oldest and most highly praised in the world, deep, earthy, complex and pungent. For decades, Yemen was the only country producing and exporting coffee, and it is an integral part of its culture. Yemen

is the origin of Coffea Arabica, which takes its name from Qahwa Arabiyah (Arabic Coffee).