We welcome all Mumineen who have done niyat to do Ziyarat of Awliya Kiraam AS in Yemen on behalf of Mansurul-Yemen Moula Al-Hayyul-Muqaddas Syedna Mohammed Burhanudin RA and Aqeeq–ul-Yemen Maula Aali Qader  Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.



At all Mazaaraat, Men are required to wear Saya – Kurta when performing Ziyarat or in Mawaid

Women should be careful of their PARDAH at all times, MAQNAH & FULL SLEEVES to be worn by ladies and girls above the age of 6.

Portable commodes and wheelchairs are available at all Faiz in Yemen for the aged and disabled (subject to availability).  However the elderly, disabled and patients should be accompanied by someone if they need assistance. If travelling with any medical problems, please carry your medicines and medical reports or history with you in case of any emergency. If one has problem of travelling sickness, do come equipped with proper arrangements.

Locker facilities are available in Faiz-e-Hatemi, Sana’a for extra baggage along with Amanat facilities for valuables. DO NOT KEEP valuables in your check in bags, locker bags or unattended baggage. Faiz is not responsible for any theft thereafter.

Laundry facility is only available in Sana’a, you can have your clothes washed for nominal charges of 60 YER for washing & 60 YER for ironing.

Water in all faiz should be used sparingly as there is scarcity of this neamat

Please carry one or two pairs of clothes in your hand luggage while travelling from your country (in case of misplacement of luggage by the airlines).

DO NOT distribute money, clothes or any edibles (to children, adults or the poor) around any of the Mazaaraat in Yemen. There are Sadaqah Trays located at all Faiz buildings. Bring muwasaat clothes only with permission from Faiz. Do not distribute the clothes directly, give them to the Faiz offices in either Sana’a or Hutaib Mubarak.

The hadaya items from Moula TUS will be given to zuwwar kiram as per farman.

Be careful while taking pictures as it may be restricted by the government.

PLEASE ask FAIZ KHIDMAT GUZAR before taking pictures and videos.



Temperatures are generally very high in Yemen, particularly in the coastal regions. Rainfall is limited, with variations based on elevation. The highlands enjoy a temperate, rainy summer with an average high temperature of 21 °C (69.8 °F) and a cool, moderately dry winter with temperatures occasionally dipping below 0 °C (32.0 °F).

Some areas of the western highlands, most notably Ibb and Ta’izz, receive from about 1,000–1,500 millimetres (39.4–59.1 in) of rain each year. The capital, Sana’a, receives around 300 mm (11.8 in) a year, it is not uncommon for the northern and eastern sections of the country to receive no rain for five years or more.

Yemen is dry in the east and humid in the west. The months of April, May, June, and July are “rainy months” and November, December, January, and February are the winter months, during which nighttime temperatures can drop to 2-4° C. In general however, the climate throughout the year in Yemen is much cooler then what Zuwwaar Kiraam from the Middle East and South-East Asia will be accustomed to. During your stay you may feel hot while in your vehicle and the Ziyarat in Zabid which is located in the Tehama Desert may also be hot. Otherwise the Ziyarats in Yemen are all located in mountain areas.

The warm season lasts from May 18 to September 10 with an average daily high temperature above 28°C. The hottest day of the year is June 23, with an average high of 29°C and low of 17°C. Cold season lasts from October 17 to January 19 with an average daily high temperature below 24°C. The coldest day of the year is December 27, with an average low of 5°C and high of 22°C.

To wear Saya Kurta at all places in Yemen is compulsory.