Clothing Needed:

Winter Cloths, Shawl, Scarf


Doctors in Al-Zahara, Available at night in hutaib Mubarak 3 days a week


Not available by faizehatemi, option: Out side faiz OR Manakha village (charges applied)

Internet :

On Demand Free Zone

Food Speciality:

Haraz Coffee: Yemen Harazi coffee comes only from the Haraz Mountains, an ancient coffee growing region in the isolated northwest highlands. Coffee is grown at very high altitudes and beans have a particularly hard density. Altitude of the agricultural land in the region ranges from 4500 feet to an astounding 9000 feet. Flavor is intense and characteristic of the very best Mocha coffee Yemen has to offer

Salta and Fahsa: Salta and fahsa are two variations on a theme: pressure-cooked beef stew in a tomato-based sauce, served sizzling hot in a stone bowl. The only difference between the two is the presence of a variety of cooked vegetables and often rice in salta, whereas fahsa contains only chunks of tender beef in a tomato-onion broth that often boils off before your eyes. They are both served with hilba– ground fenugreek that has expanded in water until frothy and then mixed with salt and finely chopped peppers.