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Normal depends on climate


Doctor is not available in faizehatemi, but available outside faiz in city


Available for zuwwar in faizehatemi

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On Demand Free Zone

Food Speciality:

Date Honey:

Organic Date Paste has proved to be great for snacking and baking for people from all age groups, including diabetics and the ones following strict dietary regimes. Organic Date Paste is an important organic product of the date palm fruit. Today,Yemen is one of the main date-producing countries in the world. Organic Date Paste is a condensed product made out of date extracts with the help of water evaporation. To produce a 100% Organic Date Paste, date garden owners ensure that natural fertilizers are used to enrich the sandy soil and let the tree ripen the date to the fullest extent possible. Then the process of separation of crown of the seeds, cleaning, drying, moisturizing, polishing, sterilization, pressing, cooling, grading, and packing comes

Hot Plate:

Presenting diners with a sizzling plate of food is a dramatic introduction to the dish. It was extremely popular in the 70′s and died off somewhat probably due to the cleaning of spattered shirts, greasy carpets and painful micro-burns etc. The dinner served on mughlai style with chicken, meat and vegitables, ready to cook by your self on sizzling hot plate.